Balinese Dancing Lesson

Being in Bali will never get bored. Most tourists say that they would like to extend and stay a couple more days in Bali. Yes, that is totally right. Besides having a good stay in the hotel, they also have good time doing cultural activities arranged by the hotel. Bali is closely related to traditional culture and cultural activity seems to be a magical influence to attract foreigners to come and visit Bali.  Balinese dancing lesson is one of the most-wanted cultural activities here in Bali and captures many tourists’ attention. Even if the activity is held in a village, they will be very happy doing it. Having warm welcome and meeting friendly people in the village amaze them so much.

Go Around Bali Tours proudly introduce Balinese dancing lesson and take you to a villager’s house to learn dancing so that you have possibility to meet and greet local people and enjoy traditional ambience of the village. You will be led by a professional female instructor and she will guide you all the way during the lesson. She has some dances for you to learn and you are free to choose one. Even though selections are available, you are suggested to learn the basic dance because there are some basic movements that you need to know before learning the more advanced ones. At first you might find it very difficult, but after several practices you will soon get used to and be able to remember the movements. For you to know that Balinese dances involve lots of movements and they are quite complicated; therefore, you need to have lots of practice and follow the lesson for more than once.

Go Around Bali Tours

The lesson is available everyday from 08:00 – 16:00 and it needs a one day in advance reservation. The lesson costs US$ 30 per person with minimum booking 2 people. For those who are staying around Ubud area, we provide a free pick up and drop off service, while for hotels out of Ubud additional charge will be applied (depending on which hotel it will be). This activity will be very exciting; thus, do not forget to bring your camera or handycam with you.

Some Balinese dances are considered holy and sacred as they are only performed during temple ceremonies. These group dances include Rejang Dewa, Baris and Topeng. They cannot be performed at haphazard nor use it to entertain people. In other words, these dances are intended to entertain gods and goddess.