Offering Lesson


Besides having a beautiful nature, Bali has another attractive point that captures visitors’ interest; that is the traditional Balinese culture. The traditional Balinese culture is an old legacy which is inspiring Balinese people in both individual and social life. The most unique and scarce cultural heritage found in Bali is related to spiritual religious things; those are offerings and ceremony. Both of them have a very close and indivisible connection. Wherever you see ceremonies, offerings will always be there. The kind of offerings used will depend on the level of the ceremony. 

The offerings play a very important role in every ceremony. The kind and type of the offerings vary depending on the purpose of the ceremony. However, the essence of the every offering is called 'porosan'. It is the symbol of God which connects our prayers to God. Therefore, in the offering making lesson, we will take you to learn the simplest and the smallest part of the offering called ‘Canang Sari’. 

The lesson will start from preparing and selecting materials and utensils used during the process. The instructor will show and guide you along the process including giving appropriate information related to the things put in to make a complete Canang Sari. For beginner, the whole process will take about 30 to 40 minutes. This offering has several kinds of its form, and we will show you some of them once you have finished the easiest one. 

Making an offering also involves arts. If you have good ability in arts, your work will look better. You can also make your own creation and create something new but the essence of the offering should be retained.

The lesson starts anytime during the day from 09:00 – 16:00 and advance booking is needed. It costs US$ 25 per person with minimum booking 2 people. We provide free pick ups and drop offs to hotels around Ubud area, but for hotels out of Ubud area additional charge will be applied. 

What are you waiting for? Come and join us for the activity and know better about the traditional Balinese culture.