Kite Making Lesson

Spending holiday in Bali does not have to be idle in the hotel and stay away from doing activities. Bali has lots of unique activities to offer that you might find it different from your country. In this site, we are delighted to introduce ‘Kite Making (watching) lesson’ and play with it when it’s finished. This activity is intended to children, but adults are also welcome.

In Bali, playing kite is a hobby and many adults like doing it either in a field, near the beach or in a dry land of a rice field. Balinese like to mingle with nature, play with it, and use the richness of the nature as a medium to perform their hobbies. It might sound like pleonastic, but that is the fact. Strong winds in a certain period of time are used by some Balinese to hold kite competitions. This is normally conducted in August, September or November as we expect good weather and strong winds in Bali. If you happen to get involved in the competition (or may be coming as a viewer), you will almost have no words to say how beautiful it is. There are hundreds of big kites flying in the sky with different color and different form and it amazes all attendees who come and see the competition. Every year, when the competition is conducted, there will always be participants from oversees such as from Japan, Australia or United States. 

The kite lesson that we organize got inspired from creativity of those people and willingness to preserve the traditional culture. As in the materials used for the kite, we still use bamboo as the main, but for the cover we use a special plastic bag. In the lesson, we will show and guide you how to make it starting from cutting the bamboo and transform it into smaller pieces, selecting the cover (plastic), etc. Please note that the kite we make in the lesson is the traditional one, not like the kite displayed in some shops which has paintings on its cover. Our kite is using a special plastic for its cover in order to make it easier to fly. 

The lesson is available every day from 08:00 – 16:00 and advance booking is essential. It costs US$ 25 per person with minimum booking 2 people. We provide free pick up and drop off services to hotels around Ubud area, while out of it additional charge will be applied. The lesson will take minimum 1 hour (not including playing in the field) and may extend to 2 hours if you are a real beginner. 
Come and book it soon, and bring your kite home.